Making up for 2 Gisborne-free episodes.

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Some leftovers from last week. ;-)
(Robin Hood, 3.05)

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my life has come down to me being jealous of a pig.

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Catwalk theRApy.  Sir Guy of Gisborne S02E04 (X)


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Walking away theRApy.  Urban & the Shed Crew.  (X)

I so so so so so so so badly want to see this!

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Harry : Actually, l went on a date about a hundred years ago with someone training to be a vicar.
Geraldine : Funny you should say that…
Harry : Couldn’t get past the dog collar. l just kept thinking, ”no, God’s watching and he’s bigger than me.” lt really put me off.

There’s something I don’t like about Harry (wait ! don’t burn me for heresy just yet !) : In order to prevent Geraldine from telling him that she’s the vicar, he interrupts her again & again. I know it’s for the comic part, but it’s really off character & it irritates me everytime !
My problem with Harry is that I love Harry too much to believe that this is him. Poor me ! :p

The Vicar of Dibley, The Handsome Stranger

Well, he doesn’t know she’s a vicar at that point, so he’s not preventing her from doing anything…except talking.  And he’s totally smitten (we know this later) at this point, and probably babbling like an idiot; likely he was kicking himself later going, “You git!”  And then when he does find out she’s the Vicar, he’s so nuts about her that, God watching him or not, he’s going full steam ahead.  So it actually can be seen as being in character from the beginning.  That’s my take, anyway :)

Oh, I like this take on Harry’s constant interruptions! Maybe it will cure me of my irritation! :-)

I agree. It sounds like lovely first time date nervous babbling at someone you really really really like.

See usually it’s me babbling non-stop!

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I think this is one of the moment when Guy’s voice is the deepest, both attractive and dangerous.

Enjoy ^^

I just want to drop my pants.

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What the Signs would say during the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Aries: i want the coldest!
Taurus: okay i’m fine yes pour it over me
Gemini: make sure you film it
Cancer: I can’t believe I’m doing this, why
Leo: bring on that famous bucket
Virgo: wait, what’s the room temperature?
Libra: this t-shirt’s bout to get really soaked
Scorpio: can you people just get on with it.
Sagittarius: BRAIN FREEZE, YAS
Capricorn: I bet it’s not that cold.
Aquarius: can I challenge some people first?
Pisces: oh my god i really hope it’s not too cold

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I wasn’t surprised…

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