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Thorin Oakenshield, our King Under the Mountain. So flawed and yet so beautiful…


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Dash be readin’ my mind…

I want a marriage just like theirs.

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Personal story:

So, I’m going through my morning routine when I casually mention to my husband that last night’s Outlander Wedding was freakin hot and awesome. He says, “What’s the deal with that show? Why are all you women into that?”

I reply, “Well, in all honesty, there’s not a single women on this Earth who can resist a man in a kilt.”

Without missing a beat, he says (in a surprisingly good Scottish accent), “Well then, lassie, ye best be goin’ out to get me a kilt.”

I dropped everything I was holding and my knees buckled.

An hour later, I was picking out a tartan at the fabric store.

He wore it all afternoon.

My son wore a kilt at Dragoncon a few years back and got hit on all weekend long!!!

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